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Adding support for new games in Hypetrigger: Custom Configs

If your game is not yet supported, don't worry: you have a few options to choose from:

Request new games support on the Hypetrigger Discord

Join the Hypetrigger Discord, and post a message in the #feature-requests channel. While you're there, you can also check #custom-configs to see if another user has contributed a config for the game you're looking for.

Create custom configs in the Hypetrigger app UI

  1. Select Custom game config from the games dropdown
  2. Click the edit button (pencil icon) on the blank starting trigger
  3. Load a video of your desired game into the app, and pause the video on the trigger event you'd like to detect (kill, death, win, loss, etc)
  4. Customize the crop region, filter function, and recognized text to capture the UI element that signifies this event
  5. The text on the screen will turn green when the trigger successfully detects the event
  6. Configs and triggers are automatically saved for future sessions
  7. Add more triggers with the Add trigger button on the bottom of the list

Create JSON config files

For a more technical approach, you can inspect and author your own JSON config files instead of using the GUI. Check out the hypetrigger-configs Github repo for more information.

Sharing your custom config with the community

If your custom config works well, consider posting it on Discord #custom-configs. You can post the exported JSON along with the name of the game, and other users can import your settings into their app.

Periodically, the best custom configs from the community are chosen to be included in the default config pack that comes with the app. If you choose to share your config and it makes the cut, you'll get a shoutout in the patch notes and everyone will benefit from your work.

This community-driven approach is what allows Hypetrigger to support a wide variety of games and use cases.